Ruth is a fantastic workshop leader. She inspired our students to develop their devised pieces in a creative and imaginative way, and enthused them about using verbatim theatre. I would recommend her highly.
— Cat Price, Director of Drama, King's High School, Warwick



Snippet works with schools to deliver workshops on verbatim as a technique and form of theatre. We also deliver workshops around the nature of devising, ensemble work and voice.

If there is a specific aspect of the drama curriculum that your students are working on and you would like us to work with you on that, please do get in touch and we can discuss bespoke workshops. So far we have worked with A Level groups on their devised pieces (including verbatim) and GCSE students on the topics of voice and ensemble work.

Workshops can be any length from 50 minutes to 5+ hours (over more than one day). We are flexible and open to discussing with you what you would most want out of us.

If you would like more information or to book a workshop with us please contact us at or complete the form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!




In making our work about real people and real communities, we want to expand our activities to include those we make our work about.

Currently in development.


Feedback we have received from students:

A really insightful, fun and well-led workshop that inspired and aided us when creating our own verbatim pieces.
— Yolanda
The workshops helped me to develop a further understanding of verbatim theatre and encouraged me to portray my characters in a more truthful and sincere way.
— Will
I loved being introduced to a previously unexplored style of theatre and the workshops helped me develop a different type of vocal delivery
— Josh
Watching Known really helped us during our own devising process as it offered many new ideas on how to present verbatim in an effective way.
— Anna

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