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Is Britain facing a crisis of masculinity?

What can we do as a society to enable debate?

And what is life like for those suffering today?

Mood kill is a verbatim play that explores male mental health, specifically depression and suicide. For two years, we travelled up and down the UK, interviewing people from all backgrounds about their experiences. Mood Kill showcases the real stories and experiences of men who have survived suicide attempts, bereaved families and friends, and men who are opening up and confronting their mental health for the first time. It is a delicate, sensitive and, at times, confronting exploration of what life is like for those living with this on a daily basis.

At a time when public debate surrounding male mental health has never been stronger, Mood Kill asks What next? Mood Kill questions how fractured and neglected mental health is in modern British society and this emotionally driven play raises the voices of these men at a time in our social conscience when talking is crucial.

" incredibly important, devastating and breathtaking piece of work" Camden Voyeur
"...thought provoking, beautifully executed and definitely starting the conversation" Alecky Blythe (London Road)
"It may cover some bleak material, but Snippet Theatre's Mood Kill finds humour in even the darkest of places." Views from the Gods

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Mood Kill on the BBC



We are thrilled that BBC London News has run a feature on Mood Kill, mental health and the importance of talking. 


It takes everyone to deconstruct the stigma around mental health. We all need to be more sensitive about listening and offering people the space to talk. And we all need to feel more empowered to be able to talk and seek those spaces.